Outbound Moving

For international moves, Siam Pickpack will arrange all aspects of your move from Thailand to virtually any worldwide destination; including the Pre-move Survey, Quotation, Moving Date Confirmation, Packing, Freight Management, Customs Clearance and Shipping Documents, Delivery, Insurance, and Storage if needed.

Pre-Move Survey:

Our move consultant will personally meet with you to discuss your requirements; we believe that counseling and fact finding at the pre-move survey are critical for a successful move.

Every move is different; our English speaking representative will evaluate your packing requirement, estimate volume or weight of the shipment, explain our method for protecting your belongings, and ascertain any other difficulties, for example if access to the house is difficult, amongst others. Our staff will also ask for your concerns and specific need for timings, special packing, or storage needs and make note of any special instructions.


Upon completion of our Pre-move survey, a detailed budget proposal for your move will be sent to you in a timely, professional format.

Our proposal for the move will include:

  • Total price for the move ( door to port/ or door to door quoted )
  • Estimated volume of the shipment
  • Estimated departure date and arrival date in your destination country
  • Packing dates and days required to complete packing
  • Services included / excluded
  • Insurance premium, if applicable
  • Extra charges for special services required
  • Agent contact details at destination

Moving Date Confirmation:

When we receive the quotation acceptance from you by fax or e-mail our staff will confirm your packing and moving date. We will also prepare and deliver packing material to customer’s house before moving date start, in case any items are preferred to be packed by the owner.


On the scheduled day of packing, Siam Pickpack provide experienced, highly trained packers at your residence to pack and crate your precious belonging for safe transit around the world. Only the top quality material and techniques for packing are used to ensure that your items are fully protected during each phase of the move. Our quality packing materials are used including bubble wrap, Styrofoam sheets, cushion pads, cardboard sheets, wardrobe cartons, and various size cartons. Special crates or casing are made for items that require special protection during international transport.

Freight Management:

Planning and developing shipping schedules, Charting optimum shipping routes and transit time at the most competitive prices, Co-ordinating with sea liners and tracking consignment for freight movement control till final delivery.

Customs Clearance and Shipping Documents:

Once your shipment is ready for export, Siam Pickpack will prepare the necessary export shipping documents, book the sea liner, and coordinate export customs formalities. (Including any other certificate required i.e. Fumigate Certificate, Certificate of Origin).


Siam Pickpack will advise you the estimated arrival date to destination and provide the contact details of your delivery partner in your destination country. Upon arrival you should contact our partner to advise them of your plans and to coordinate the documentation and delivery schedule.


Siam Pickpack provides door to door premium insurance coverage of your goods for protection from the risk of transport and reloading. Coverage commences when we begin packing and remains in effect until unpacking is completed in your new home. Your insurance premium is calculated as a percentage of your declared value.

Prior to the commencement of your removal you will be required to complete a comprehensive valued insurance inventory. This insurance inventory will determine the value of compensation in the unlikely event of claim. As this valued inventory is essential for the prompt and accurate evaluation of any possible claim, it is imperative that you carefully detail each individual item along with its estimated individual value. In the event that an item is lost or damaged beyond repair you will be financially compensated based on the inventory’s declared value.


Sometimes shipping schedules do not coincide with your packing schedule, your shipment will most likely have to be taken to Siam Pickpack’s transit warehouse after leaving your home. Although this is usually a short – term storage Siam Pickpack takes great pride in ensuring that your goods are kept in a modern, clean, secure facility. Our warehouse has raised floors, 24 hour security and ISO certified pest control system.

We also provide long term storage for those items you prefer to delay the moving of. We are equipped to safely store your personal effects, furniture, vehicle, etc.